Tennessee Probate Law: Guardianship

legal guardianship

One who has been appointed a legal guardian holds the significant obligation as well as the legal capacity to handle the individual and property interest of someone else. Such guardians have been appointed in specific situations where the individual who is in need of care – the ward – is not of age or has endured some other disability which prevents them from having the capacity to adequately care for themselves. 

In many states, a minor’s parents are the child’s legal guardians and may appoint another guardian in case of an untimely passing. 

Designated Legal Guardians in Tennessee

A legal guardian who has been assigned either by a relative or by the courts equally holds the ability and obligation to take part in handling the ward’s property and overall wellbeing. Sometimes a special guardian could be named, but doesn’t have the expansive forces of a legitimate watchman. For example an uncommon watchman might be answerable for the ward’s very own prosperity yet have just restricted control of the ward’s property. 

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