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child support modification

In Tennessee, child support modifications can be made ifsignificant variance” exists in the case.

As provided by the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, significant variance occurs when one parent’s income, or the owed amount of child support, changes by an amount of 15% or more.

Although we have briefly outlined the information shared in the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines below, only a licensed Nashville Child Support Lawyer will be able to advise you on the specific amount of child support appropriate for your case, as well as whether or not there has been an instance of “significant variance.”

With that being said, let’s talk about what significant variance really is in terms of Tennessee child support.

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Significant Variance Meaning

The Tennessee Child Support Guidelines define “significant variance” as follows:

  1. A change of at least fifteen percent (15%) in the support-paying parent’s gross income;
  2. A change has occurred in the number of children who are the legal responsibility of the support-paying parent, and that parent is actually supporting the children;
  3. A child included in the support order has become disabled;
  4. Both parties have entered voluntarily into an agreed order which modifies support in accordance with Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines, and have submitted the appropriate completed worksheets along with the order;
  5. There exists a difference of at least fifteen percent (15%) in the amount of support in the current order and the amount of pro rata share from the base child support obligation which has been proposed by the obligor parent, if the current amount of support is greater than one hundred dollars ($100) and at the minimum of fifteen dollars ($15) if the child support is currently fewer than one hundred dollars ($100) monthly;
  6. There exists a difference of at least seven and a half percent (7.5%) between the current child support amount ordered and the obligor parent’s pro rata share amount of the base child support obligation, if the tribunal has come to the determination that the parent seeking modification’s Adjusted Gross Income would qualify them as a low-income provider.

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