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Drug Crimes in Tennessee

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Arrests, and even citations, which involve drug-related crimes are taken very grievously by Tennessee law officials, and individuals who find themselves charged will need an accomplished legal advisor who has experience managing drug-related violations.

At Nashville Law Offices PLLC, our accomplished criminal defense lawyers will guide you through the choices accessible to you as a criminal defendant.

Our team of qualified criminal attorneys understands that drug-related convictions convey grave consequences, not just in the courtroom, but also potentially for a considerable length of time to come.

Drug-related crimes can either be charged as misdemeanors or even felonies, contingent upon the amount of drug involved in the offense. 

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What to Take into Account When Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

To develop the best legal defense, and to deal with your drug-related arrest in the most effective way, your lawyer must consider a large number of elements involved in the case, for example:

  • Did the police exceed their limits during the arrest and/or perform unlawful search or seizure? 
  • Does the charge appropriately identify the severity (or lack thereof) of the occurrence? 
  • Is it true that you were found with drugs on the rest of your personal effects or in your vehicle? Or would you say you were only in the general area?
  • Will your record convey a positive outcome for this situation? 
  • How had you become engaged with the drugs to begin with and how does this arrest show that? 

Remember, even a charge of misdemeanor possession may cost you thousands of dollars in fines and as long as one year in prison. More grievous lawful offenses, for example, possession with intent to distribute can call for even longer jail terms. 

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Given the seriousness of a conviction, it is crucial that you contact a lawyer as early in the process as can be expected under the circumstances. Try not to permit police to talk with you without a lawyer present, and state nothing that could be utilized against you at trial. 

Nashville Law Offices, PLLC comprehends the mind boggling steps needed to help build up “reasonable doubt” regarding the charges being held against you. Contact our office today by requesting a consultation online to meet with one of our criminal defense lawyers!

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