Theft and Property Crimes

Tennessee Theft Crimes

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In Tennessee, theft is considered a property crime, and among the most intricate and all-encompassing charges in criminal law to date. Theft can include anything from taking a piece of candy from the local market to stealing massive amounts of money from a business. Typically, burglary and identity theft violations are categorized as theft-related crimes.

What is Theft of Property?

Theft of property, or burglary offenses, incorporate the accompanying general classifications: 

  • Petty robbery (Misdemeanor theft): for example, shoplifting or stealing items under $500 
  • Grand robbery (Felony theft) – taking bigger things of individual property over $500 
  • Embezzlement – Using fake accounting or bookkeeping tactics or simple robbery of cash from a business or third party 
  • Burglary – breaking into a home or business with the goal of stealing 
  • Auto theft – Stealing an individual’s vehicle without proprietor’s consent
  • Joyriding – Taking a vehicle without the proprietor’s authorization
  • Receipt of stolen property – Accepting property known by you to be taken to sell it or utilizing it as your own
  • Identity theft – Stealing or misusing data about someone else to be utilized for inappropriate purposes. This may be accomplished by taking a credit card or online by hacking into a personal computer
  • Forgery – Defrauding someone else by adjusting or marking a report or instrument

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Penalties for Theft in Tennessee

Being convicted of a burglary-related offense subjects an individual to jail time and fines, in addition to full restitution of the sums taken. Not to mention the stigma associated with theft-related crimes, and individuals sentenced for such offenses will often find it hard to acquire employment later on. In the event that the sum stolen is under $500, the burglary is identified as a Class A Misdemeanor. In the event that the sum is over $500, the burglary is determined a felony, and the expected time in jail depends on the sum taken. 

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