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Mediation is the legal process of negotiation by which spouses on both sides will give and take regarding the terms of their divorce until a settlement can be reached.

This process enables both parties to retain control over the final outcome of the legal matter at hand.

The Nashville mediation lawyers at Nashville Law Offices, PLLC have over 25 years of experience serving as family law and civil mediators and helping Tennesseans settle difficult disputes.

But what does it involve? Let’s talk about the mediation process itself next.

The Mediation Process & The Role of the Mediator

For starters, mediation is a session of negotiation which entails two or more parties for the purpose of coming to an agreement over the terms of a divorce.

The mediation process begins with mediators exhausting every possible avenue to maintain a non-adversarial and informal environment by which both spouses may be achieve a voluntary and mutually acceptable agreement.

The mediator is a third-party individual who is naturally unbiased and neutral and has been informed about the details of the case by each respective party’s attorney.

The mediator’s job is to assess what strengths and weaknesses may lie in either side’s position. It is then the mediator’s duty to share such opinions with both sides so that an educated settlement can be attained.

All authority in regards to the making of decisions throughout the process rests wholly with the parties involved.

The mediator, then, acts as a facilitator who directs both parties in identifying issues, participating in cooperative problem solving, and seeking out more creative settlement alternatives.

Mediators do not have the authority to make decisions or rulings, and parties will not be bound to take action on the mediator’s suggestions or recommendations during the mediation process.

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Advantages of Mediation

As we mentioned before, mediation will enable you to maintain control over the final results of the legal matter at hand.

Additionally, Tennessee requires any and all civil or family law cases to go through mediation before they can be set for trial.

Moreover, it may be the right choice for you if your case involves any of the following situations:

  • 3 months have elapsed since your last discussion with the opposing party;
  • The legal matter began over 2 years ago;
  • The opposing party refuses to respond to letters or phone calls;
  • It is apparent that a lawsuit may be filed if a resolution cannot be made;
  • A lawsuit has been filed and you are preparing for trial;
  • Numerous individuals are involved in the matter and you need to develop a strategy;
  • You have more than one similar claims which may benefit from a comprehensive settlement process;
  • You fear business associates involved may develop feelings of resentment and become unproductive;
  • The value of your settlement claim is lower than the cost of taking it to trial.

While mediation is completely voluntary and non-binding, the outcomes of the process itself bear strikingly high rates of settlement: nearing 85% in Tennessee.

Generally, both sides of a legal matter end up more satisfied with the solution developed through mediation than an outcome which has been imposed upon them by a judge or jury.

After all, it is a calm and respectful process by which you have the ability to make the final decisions of the case.

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