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Being accused of an assault in TN is a grave offense, that’s why it is so important that you recruit an experienced criminal defense attorney to speak to you following an arrest.

We know just how disruptive a criminal charge has on somebody, and we endeavor to utilize our insight and experience to make this terrible proceedings less traumatizing. 

Definition of Assault in Tennessee

An assault of any kind is unlawful compliant with Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-101. Assault in Tennessee can be characterized as any of the following: 

  • purposefully , intentionally or recklessly causing substantial bodily injury to someone; 
  • deliberately or intentionally making another sensibly fear inescapable bodily injury; or 
  • deliberately or purposely making physical contact with someone and a sensible individual would view the contact as incredibly hostile or provocative. 

An assault in Tennessee can end up as one of two misdemeanors:

  1. Class A Misdemeanor, conveying as long as 11 months 29 days in prison and a fine as much as $2,500; or
  2. Class B Misdemeanor, conveying as long as a half year (6 months) in prison and a fine of up to $500.

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Aggravated Assault in Tennessee

An aggravated assault is unlawful in accordance with Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-102. Aggravated Assault is characterized as follows: 

  • Deliberately or purposely commits an assault which:
    • Causes severe or substantial bodily injury to another; or 
    • Uses or shows a lethal weapon; or 
    • Commits a reckless assault by causing serious bodily injury to another; and 
    • Causes severe bodily injury another; or 
    • Uses or shows a dangerous weapon.

Aggravated assault can result in either of the following:

  • Class C Felony, conveying from 3 to 15 years in jail and a fine up to $10,000, or
  • Class D Felony, conveying from 2 to 12 years in jail and a fine up to $5,000.

Contact the Right Help for Your Case

As one may plainly observe, the outcomes of an arrest for assault are very serious. An able criminal defense attorney can assist you in the accompanying manners:

  • Defend the criminal charges effectively and garner the dismissal of your case 
  • Request bargain for no prison time, void any fines, and the possible expungement from your indefinite criminal record
  • Request a deal to decrease the charges
  • Ensure a verdict of Not Guilty following a jury trial 

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