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Following the decision rendered by a judge or jury in criminal and civil legal matters, the losing side of the decision is allowed the right to push for a review of the case by a court higher than that used before. This process is what is called an appealed ruling, which is different from trial practice due to the limit defined by the material present in the previous court.

This means there is no discovery phase before the trial since there rarely is any new evidence granted for submission in such cases. All appeals are presented to a panel of judges instead of a jury and the final decision is determined solely by the evidence from the trial, such as any transcripts or exhibits.

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Reasoning for Appeals

Many decisions are made during lower-court hearings and often some of those decisions made might be considered outside the scope of law. In such cases, a ruling would likely be deemed worthy of an appeal by the appellate court. Typically, the choices made will include the final ruling from a judge regarding any motions as well as objections made prior to the conclusion of the trial. Nevertheless, certain introductory findings and actions are able to be appealed if it is determined that fundamental mistakes were made by the court, questions regarding the underlying topic’s jurisdiction, or even questions of constitutionality.

Thankfully, the intrinsic system of checks and balances established by the U.S. Constitution as well as local constitutions warrant the allowance of a higher court to overturn judgements that might be seen as unsound, unconstitutional, or otherwise inappropriate. Everyone from individual persons to multinational corporations have the right to appeal in a U.S. court of law.

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