Criminal Contempt

What is Contempt of Court?

tennessee criminal contempt of court judge's gavel

An Order of the Court MUST be adhered to. Inability to follow a court order is Contempt of Court.

There are two fundamental kinds of contempt: criminal contempt and civil contempt.

Inability to follow a court request can bring about an individual going to prison or paying fines, court expenses, and lawyers charges.

To authorize a court request, a Petition for Contempt must be recorded in the Court which entered the Order being disregarded.

In spite of common conclusions, courts don’t consequently uphold their own Orders; parties need to recruit a lawyer to file with the court a Petition for Contempt

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Most Common Contempt of Court Charges in Tennessee: 

  • Inability to pay child support;
  • Inability to pay alimony;
  • Inability to sign the documents that are important to finalize the exchange of property;
  • Inability to offer a child medical care benefits;
  • Inability to pay attorney fees;
  • Inability to give up property/permit admittance to property;
  • Inability to follow kid guardianship or appearance orders 
  • Offering harsh comments about the other parent before the children;

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