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Tennessee Business Law: Contract Breaches

breach of contract tennessee

Typically in the realm of business, disputes arise causing things may go awry and, in most cases, a breach of contract is the most likely culprit. An integral part of business law is the agreements that are made between the parties involved in a business. Relying on such commitments being honored is a necessity in forming lasting business relationships – regardless of whether the agreement was made on paper in the form of a signed document or a simple handshake witnessed in private. Sadly, though, not every person who makes such commitments does so with the honesty expected from other parties involved, which makes it all the more important to understand how to quickly pursue the most efficient method of action if a breach of contract does occur.

Avoiding a Breach of Contract Tennessee

In an ideal world, your top priority would be to prevent contract breaches from ever occurring, but breaches are not the easiest to spot before the occur. This is why it’s so important to seek out legal help before initiating the contract drafting process. A well-versed business attorney knows what facets of an agreement should be enforced and, if unable to be enforced, provide detailed advisement on the best way to go about making it so.

As with writings of any kind, the first draft of a contract is usually the least effective and will require informed revisions. Sometimes specific terms in a contract are voidable, in which case they may be ineffective under certain situations. In order to avoid such problems, it’s important to carefully adjust what terms are used in order to strengthen the contract for any foreseeable situations. Verbiage is incredibly important in the drafting of such documents, as stipulations may often be deemed unfair, resulting in court officials determining the terms to be void.

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Protection for Breaches of Contract

In some cases, breaches of contract are not only possible, but expected. Making it necessary to monitor for possible signs of duplicity throughout the drafting process. In the event that an involved party appears untrustworthy regarding specific terms, or seems to speak as if attempting to leave themselves room for loopholes, you should make a point to include appropriate assurances within the conditions of the contract or agreement. Done correctly, this will make possible dishonest parties prove their intent to abide by an agreement’s terms.

More often than not, individuals will employ a business attorney to draft and analyze contracts rather than doing so themselves. This, in turn, creates a secure environment for which to develop and adjust contracts. After all, what better person could choose the most solid legal terms for an agreement than an individual who has experience in the field? The diction one uses can make or break a legally binding contract, so it’s much better not to risk falling victim to legal loopholes or inherent dishonesty.

Contract Breach Lawsuits

Lawsuits that involve legal recourse for contract breaches are split into two categories:


Damages involve financial reimbursement from the party who committed the breach of contract to those who were adversely impacted by the breach.

Specific Performance

If damages by way of monetary compensation are insufficient, a court may order those individuals who committed the offense to fulfill the violated contract’s terms to completion.

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