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A business dissolution lawyer will be able to help you close your business. Plenty of businesses have fallen on hard times that resulted in the dissolution of the business, and there may be a numerous amount of reasons why. Often business dissolutions aren’t even caused by the business’ failure, but rather by the determination to follow better monetary opportunities.

Nonetheless, the reasoning behind the dissolution of your business is irrelevant if you haven’t developed a plan for such an action. In such cases, your intent should be to avoid any liability sticking with you even past your business’ dissolution. Our attorneys are here to provide the best legal representation for those seeking to dissolve their business and to protect them from the results of failing to adequately plan for the dissolution of a business.

Why Dissolve a Business in the First Place?

Unfortunately, cases often involve business owners who have been forced to close their doors against their own desires. Our capitalist society which governs businesses sometimes precipitates this, and there are an innumerable amount of external factors that can lead to the right variables being in place that will bring about a business’ dissolution. And any good business dissolution lawyer will be able to tell you: this isn’t always the conclusion reached. We see just as often the final dissolution of businesses brought on entirely by the decisions made by those involved in the business itself.

Sometimes a dissolution is done for the purpose of mutually benefitting the parties involved, and other times it is simply for the business owner to avoid losing money. Further reasoning for business dissolution includes:

  • Fiduciary obligations: Occasionally, the parties handling fiduciary concerns may be implicated on charges of unjust practices. Such situations are known as “breaches of fiduciary duty.” Those who fall victim to such situations may seek justice from the offenders involved. They may also be required to defend themselves on such grounds.
  • Minority shareholder issues: Multiple things might go amiss for those shareholders whose advantage is unfair in terms of their business dealings. Some examples may include:
    • Self Dealings
    • Freeze Outs
    • Abuse of Major Shareholders
    • Unequal Compensation
  • Corporate injustices: Those who abuse their power in a corporate position to follow inequitable practices in opposition to shareholders or others by exploiting the seniority of their position.
  • Disputed business dissolutions: The disagreement between participating partners and shareholders regarding the methods used in running the company, or that the company should not continue running at all.

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